The cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.client.client_7mode Module

The cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.client.client_7mode Module

class Client(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.client.client_base.Client

check_iscsi_initiator_exists(*args, **kwargs)

Returns True if initiator exists.

clone_file(*args, **kwargs)
clone_lun(*args, **kwargs)
get_actual_path_for_export(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the actual path on the filer for export path.

get_fc_target_wwpns(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the FC target details.

get_file_usage(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the file unique bytes.

get_filer_volumes(*args, **kwargs)

Returns list of filer volumes in API format.

get_flexvol_capacity(*args, **kwargs)

Gets total capacity and free capacity, in bytes, of the flexvol.

get_ifconfig(*args, **kwargs)
get_igroup_by_initiators(*args, **kwargs)

Get igroups exactly matching a set of initiators.

get_iscsi_service_details(*args, **kwargs)

Returns iscsi iqn.

get_iscsi_target_details(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the iSCSI target portal details.

get_lun_by_args(*args, **kwargs)

Retrieves LUNs with specified args.

get_lun_list(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the list of LUNs on filer.

get_lun_map(*args, **kwargs)
get_performance_counters(*args, **kwargs)

Gets or or more 7-mode Data ONTAP performance counters.

get_performance_instance_names(*args, **kwargs)

Get names of performance instances for a node.

get_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Gets a single snapshot.

get_snapshots_marked_for_deletion(*args, **kwargs)

Get a list of snapshots marked for deletion.

get_system_name(*args, **kwargs)

Get the name of the 7-mode Data ONTAP controller.

send_ems_log_message(*args, **kwargs)

Sends a message to the Data ONTAP EMS log.

set_iscsi_chap_authentication(*args, **kwargs)

Provides NetApp host’s CHAP credentials to the backend.

set_space_reserve(*args, **kwargs)

Sets the space reserve info.

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