The cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.client.client_base Module

The cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.client.client_base Module

class Client(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: object

add_igroup_initiator(*args, **kwargs)

Adds initiators to the specified igroup.

check_is_naelement(*args, **kwargs)

Checks if object is instance of NaElement.

check_iscsi_initiator_exists(*args, **kwargs)

Returns True if initiator exists.

create_cg_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a consistency group snapshot out of one or more flexvols.

ONTAP requires an invocation of cg-start to first fence off the flexvols to be included in the snapshot. If cg-start returns success, a cg-commit must be executed to finalized the snapshot and unfence the flexvols.

create_igroup(*args, **kwargs)

Creates igroup with specified args.

create_lun(*args, **kwargs)

Issues API request for creating LUN on volume.

delete_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Deletes a volume snapshot.

destroy_lun(*args, **kwargs)

Destroys the LUN at the path.

do_direct_resize(*args, **kwargs)

Resize the LUN.

get_fc_target_wwpns(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the FC target details.

get_igroup_by_initiators(*args, **kwargs)

Get igroups exactly matching a set of initiators.

get_iscsi_service_details(*args, **kwargs)

Returns iscsi iqn.

get_iscsi_target_details(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the iSCSI target portal details.

get_lun_by_args(*args, **kwargs)

Retrieves LUNs with specified args.

get_lun_geometry(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the LUN geometry.

get_lun_list(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the list of LUNs on filer.

get_ontapi_version(*args, **kwargs)

Gets the supported ontapi version.

get_performance_counter_info(*args, **kwargs)

Gets info about one or more Data ONTAP performance counters.

get_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Gets a single snapshot.

get_volume_options(*args, **kwargs)

Get the value for the volume option.

has_luns_mapped_to_initiators(*args, **kwargs)

Checks whether any LUNs are mapped to the given initiator(s).

map_lun(*args, **kwargs)

Maps LUN to the initiator and returns LUN id assigned.

mark_snapshot_for_deletion(*args, **kwargs)

Mark snapshot for deletion by renaming snapshot.

move_lun(*args, **kwargs)

Moves the LUN at path to new path.

rename_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Renames a snapshot.

send_request(*args, **kwargs)

Sends request to Ontapi.

set_iscsi_chap_authentication(*args, **kwargs)

Provides NetApp host’s CHAP credentials to the backend.

unmap_lun(*args, **kwargs)

Unmaps a LUN from given initiator.

wait_for_busy_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Checks for and handles a busy snapshot.

If a snapshot is busy, for reasons other than cloning, an exception is raised immediately. Otherwise, wait for a period of time for the clone dependency to finish before giving up. If the snapshot is not busy then no action is taken and the method exits.

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