The cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.nfs_7mode Module

The cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.nfs_7mode Module

Volume driver for NetApp NFS storage.

class NetApp7modeNfsDriver(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.dataontap.nfs_base.NetAppNfsDriver

NetApp NFS driver for Data ONTAP (7-mode).

check_for_setup_error(*args, **kwargs)

Checks if setup occurred properly.

create_cgsnapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a Cinder cgsnapshot object.

The Cinder cgsnapshot object is created by making use of an ONTAP CG snapshot in order to provide write-order consistency for a set of backing flexvols. First, a list of the flexvols backing the given Cinder volumes in the CG is determined. An ONTAP CG snapshot of the flexvols creates a write-order consistent snapshot of each backing flexvol. For each Cinder volume in the CG, it is then necessary to clone its volume from the ONTAP CG snapshot. The naming convention used to create the clones indicates the clone’s role as a Cinder snapshot and its inclusion in a Cinder CG snapshot. The ONTAP CG snapshots, of each backing flexvol, are deleted after the cloning operation is completed.

Returns:An implicit update for the cgsnapshot and snapshot models that is then used by the manager to set the models to available.
create_consistencygroup(*args, **kwargs)

Driver entry point for creating a consistency group.

ONTAP does not maintain an actual CG construct. As a result, no communtication to the backend is necessary for consistency group creation.

Returns:Hard-coded model update for consistency group model.
create_consistencygroup_from_src(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a CG from a either a cgsnapshot or group of cinder vols.

Returns:An implicit update for the volumes model that is interpreted by the manager as a successful operation.
delete_cgsnapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Delete files backing each snapshot in the cgsnapshot.

Returns:An implicit update of snapshot models that the manager will interpret and subsequently set the model state to deleted.
delete_consistencygroup(*args, **kwargs)

Driver entry point for deleting a consistency group.

Returns:Updated consistency group model and list of volume models for the volumes that were deleted.
do_setup(*args, **kwargs)

Do the customized set up on client if any for 7 mode.

update_consistencygroup(*args, **kwargs)

Driver entry point for updating a consistency group.

Since no actual CG construct is ever created in ONTAP, it is not necessary to update any metadata on the backend. Since this is a NO-OP, there is guaranteed to be no change in any of the volumes’ statuses.

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