The cinder.volume.drivers.veritas.vrtshyperscale Module

The cinder.volume.drivers.veritas.vrtshyperscale Module

Cinder Driver for HyperScale

class HyperScaleDriver(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.volume.driver.VolumeDriver

CI_WIKI_NAME = 'Veritas_HyperScale_CI'
VERSION = '1.0'
check_for_setup_error(*args, **kwargs)
copy_image_to_volume(*args, **kwargs)

Fetch the image from image_service and write it to the volume.

copy_volume_to_image(*args, **kwargs)

Copy the volume to the specified image.

create_cloned_volume(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a clone of the specified volume.

create_export(ctx, volume, connector)
create_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Create a snapshot.

create_volume(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a hyperscale volume.

create_volume_from_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Create volume from snapshot.

delete_snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Deletes a snapshot.

delete_volume(*args, **kwargs)

Deletes a volume.

do_setup(*args, **kwargs)

Any initialization the volume driver does while starting.

ensure_export(ctx, volume)

Synchronously recreates an export for a logical volume.

extend_volume(*args, **kwargs)

Extend volume.

get_volume_stats(*args, **kwargs)

Get volume status.

initialize_connection(*args, **kwargs)

Allow connection to connector and return connection info.

remove_export(ctx, volume)

Removes an export for a logical volume.

terminate_connection(volume, connector, **kwargs)

Disallow connection from connector.

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