The Module

The Module

Volume driver for Windows Server 2012

This driver requires ISCSI target role installed

class WindowsDriver(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.volume.driver.ISCSIDriver

Executes volume driver commands on Windows Storage server.

CI_WIKI_NAME = 'Microsoft_iSCSI_CI'
VERSION = '1.0.0'

Check that the driver is working and can communicate.

copy_image_to_volume(context, volume, image_service, image_id)

Fetch the image from image_service and create a volume using it.

copy_volume_to_image(context, volume, image_service, image_meta)

Copy the volume to the specified image.

create_cloned_volume(volume, src_vref)

Creates a clone of the specified volume.

create_export(context, volume, connector)

Driver entry point to get the export info for a new volume.


Driver entry point for creating a snapshot.


Driver entry point for creating a new volume.

create_volume_from_snapshot(volume, snapshot)

Driver entry point for exporting snapshots as volumes.


Driver entry point for deleting a snapshot.


Driver entry point for destroying existing volumes.


Setup the Windows Volume driver.

Called one time by the manager after the driver is loaded. Validate the flags we care about

ensure_export(context, volume)
extend_volume(volume, new_size)

Extend an Existing Volume.

initialize_connection(volume, connector)

Driver entry point to attach a volume to an instance.

local_path(volume, disk_format=None)
remove_export(context, volume)

Driver entry point to remove an export for a volume.

terminate_connection(volume, connector, **kwargs)

Driver entry point to unattach a volume from an instance.

Unmask the LUN on the storage system so the given initiator can no longer access it.

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