The cinder.volume.drivers.zadara Module

The cinder.volume.drivers.zadara Module

Volume driver for Zadara Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA).

This driver requires VPSA with API version 15.07 or higher.

class ZadaraVPSAConnection(conf)

Bases: object

Executes volume driver commands on VPSA.


Retrieve access key for VPSA connection.

send_cmd(cmd, **kwargs)

Send command to VPSA Controller.

class ZadaraVPSAISCSIDriver(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.volume.driver.ISCSIDriver

Zadara VPSA iSCSI/iSER volume driver.

Version history:
15.07 - Initial driver 16.05 - Move from httplib to requests
CI_WIKI_NAME = 'ZadaraStorage_VPSA_CI'
VERSION = '16.05'

Returns an error (exception) if prerequisites aren’t met.

create_cloned_volume(volume, src_vref)

Creates a clone of the specified volume.

create_export(context, volume, vg=None)

Irrelevant for VPSA volumes. Export created during attachment.


Creates a snapshot.


Create volume.

create_volume_from_snapshot(volume, snapshot)

Creates a volume from a snapshot.


Deletes a snapshot.


Delete volume.

Return ok if doesn’t exist. Auto detach from all servers.


Any initialization the volume driver does while starting.

Establishes initial connection with VPSA and retrieves access_key.

ensure_export(context, volume)

Irrelevant for VPSA volumes. Export created during attachment.

extend_volume(volume, new_size)

Extend an existing volume.


Get volume stats.

If ‘refresh’ is True, run update the stats first.

initialize_connection(volume, connector)

Attach volume to initiator/host.

During this call VPSA exposes volume to particular Initiator. It also creates a ‘server’ entity for Initiator (if it was not created before)

All necessary connection information is returned, including auth data. Connection data (target, LUN) is not stored in the DB.


Return local path to existing local volume.

remove_export(context, volume)

Irrelevant for VPSA volumes. Export removed during detach.

terminate_connection(volume, connector, **kwargs)

Detach volume from the initiator.

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