The cinder.volume.targets.tgt Module

The cinder.volume.targets.tgt Module

class TgtAdm(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.volume.targets.iscsi.ISCSITarget

Target object for block storage devices.

Base class for target object, where target is data transport mechanism (target) specific calls. This includes things like create targets, attach, detach etc.

VOLUME_CONF = '\n<target %(name)s>\n backing-store %(path)s\n driver %(driver)s\n %(chap_auth)s\n %(target_flags)s\n write-cache %(write_cache)s\n</target>\n'
create_iscsi_target(*args, **kwargs)
remove_iscsi_target(tid, lun, vol_id, vol_name, **kwargs)
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