The cinder.volume.throttling Module

The cinder.volume.throttling Module

Volume copy throttling helpers.

class BlkioCgroup(bps_limit, cgroup_name)

Bases: cinder.volume.throttling.Throttle

Throttle disk I/O bandwidth using blkio cgroups.

subcommand(*args, **kwds)
class Throttle(prefix=None)

Bases: object

Base class for throttling disk I/O bandwidth

static get_default()
static set_default(throttle)
subcommand(*args, **kwds)

Sub-command that reads from srcpath and writes to dstpath.

Throttle disk I/O bandwidth used by a sub-command, such as ‘dd’, that reads from srcpath and writes to dstpath. The sub-command must be executed with the generated prefix command.

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