The Module

The Module

class CiscoFCSanLookupService(**kwargs)

Bases: cinder.zonemanager.fc_san_lookup_service.FCSanLookupService

The SAN lookup service that talks to Cisco switches.

Version History:
1.0.0 - Initial version
VERSION = '1.0.0'

Configuration specific to SAN context values.

get_device_mapping_from_network(initiator_wwn_list, target_wwn_list)

Provides the initiator/target map for available SAN contexts.

Looks up fcns database of each fc SAN configured to find logged in devices and returns a map of initiator and target port WWNs for each fabric.

  • initiator_wwn_list – List of initiator port WWN
  • target_wwn_list – List of target port WWN

List – device wwn map in following format

    <San name>: {
        ('200000051e55a100', '200000051e55a121'..)
        ('100000051e55a100', '100000051e55a121'..)
Raises:Exception – when connection to fabric is failed

Get fcns database info from fabric.

This method will return the connected node port wwn list(local and remote) for the given switch fabric

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