The cinder.zonemanager.drivers.driver_utils Module

The cinder.zonemanager.drivers.driver_utils Module

get_friendly_zone_name(zoning_policy, initiator, target, host_name, storage_system, zone_name_prefix, supported_chars)

Utility function implementation of _get_friendly_zone_name.

Get friendly zone name is used to form the zone name based on the details provided by the caller

  • zoning_policy – determines the zoning policy is either initiator-target or initiator
  • initiator – initiator WWN
  • target – target WWN
  • host_name – Host name returned from Volume Driver
  • storage_system – Storage name returned from Volume Driver
  • zone_name_prefix – user defined zone prefix configured in cinder.conf
  • supported_chars – Supported character set of FC switch vendor. Example: abc123_-$. These are defined in the FC zone drivers.
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