Fake Drivers

Fake Drivers

TODO: document general info about fakes

When the real thing isn’t available and you have some development to do these fake implementations of various drivers let you get on with your day.

The cinder.tests.unit.test_service.FakeManager Class

class FakeManager(host=None, db_driver=None, service_name=None, cluster=None)

Bases: cinder.manager.Manager

Fake manager for tests.


The cinder.tests.unit.api.fakes Module

class Context

Bases: object

class FakeAuthDatabase

Bases: object

static auth_token_create(context, token)
static auth_token_destroy(context, token_id)
static auth_token_get(context, token_hash)
data = {}
class FakeRateLimiter(application)

Bases: object

class FakeRequestContext(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.context.RequestContext

class FakeRouter(ext_mgr=None)

Bases: oslo_service.wsgi.Router

class FakeToken(**kwargs)

Bases: object

id_count = 0
class HTTPRequest(environ, charset=None, unicode_errors=None, decode_param_names=None, **kw)

Bases: webob.request.Request

classmethod blank(*args, **kwargs)
class TestRouter(controller)

Bases: oslo_service.wsgi.Router

wsgi_app(inner_app_v2=None, fake_auth=True, fake_auth_context=None, use_no_auth=False, ext_mgr=None, inner_app_v3=None)
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