The Module

The Module

Volume driver for Dell Storage Center.

class SCISCSIDriver(*args, **kwargs)

Bases:, cinder.volume.driver.ISCSIDriver

Implements commands for Dell Storage Center ISCSI management.

To enable the driver add the following line to the cinder configuration: dell_storagecenter_iscsi.SCISCSIDriver

Version history:

1.0.0 - Initial driver
1.1.0 - Added extra spec support for Storage Profile selection
1.2.0 - Added consistency group support.
2.0.0 - Switched to inheriting functional objects rather than volume
2.1.0 - Added support for ManageableVD.
2.2.0 - Driver retype support for switching volume's Storage Profile.
        Added API 2.2 support.
2.3.0 - Added Legacy Port Mode Support
2.3.1 - Updated error handling.
2.4.0 - Added Replication V2 support.
2.4.1 - Updated Replication support to V2.1.
2.5.0 - ManageableSnapshotsVD implemented.
3.0.0 - ProviderID utilized.
3.1.0 - Failback Supported.
3.2.0 - Live Volume support.
3.3.0 - Support for a secondary DSM.
3.4.0 - Support for excluding a domain.
3.5.0 - Support for AFO.
3.6.0 - Server type support.
3.7.0 - Support for Data Reduction, Group QOS and Volume QOS.
4.0.0 - Driver moved to dell_emc.
CI_WIKI_NAME = 'Dell_EMC_SC_Series_CI'
VERSION = '4.0.0'

Breaks all volume server connections including to the live volume.

Parameters:volume – volume to be detached
Raises:VolumeBackendAPIException – On failure to sever connections.
initialize_connection(volume, connector)
initialize_secondary(api, sclivevolume, initiatorname)

Initialize the secondary connection of a live volume pair.

  • api – Dell SC api.
  • sclivevolume – Dell SC live volume object.
  • initiatorname – Cinder iscsi initiator from the connector.

ISCSI properties.

terminate_connection(volume, connector, force=False, **kwargs)
terminate_secondary(api, sclivevolume, initiatorname)
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