The cinder.volume.drivers.inspur.instorage.instorage_iscsi Module

The cinder.volume.drivers.inspur.instorage.instorage_iscsi Module

ISCSI volume driver for Inspur InStorage family and MCS storage systems.

Notes: 1. Make sure you config the password or key file. If you specify both a password and a key file, this driver will use the key file only. 2. When a key file is used for authentication, the private key is stored in a secure manner by the user or system administrator. 3. The defaults for creating volumes are “-rsize 2% -autoexpand -grainsize 256 -warning 0”. These can be changed in the configuration file or by using volume types(recommended only for advanced users).

Limitations: 1. The driver expects CLI output in English, but the error messages may be in a localized format. 2. when you clone or create volumes from snapshots, it not support that the source and target_rep are different size.

Perform necessary work to make an iSCSI connection: To be able to create an iSCSI connection from a given host to a volume, we must: 1. Translate the given iSCSI name to a host name 2. Create new host on the storage system if it does not yet exist 3. Map the volume to the host if it is not already done 4. Return the connection information for relevant nodes (in the proper I/O group)

class InStorageMCSISCSIDriver(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.volume.drivers.inspur.instorage.instorage_common.InStorageMCSCommonDriver, cinder.volume.driver.ISCSIDriver

Inspur InStorage iSCSI volume driver.

Version history:

1.0 - Initial driver
VERSION = '1.0.0'
initialize_connection(*args, **kwargs)

Perform necessary work to make an iSCSI connection.

terminate_connection(volume, connector, **kwargs)

Cleanup after an iSCSI connection has been terminated.

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