cinder.cmd.volume_usage_audit module

cinder.cmd.volume_usage_audit module

Cron script to generate usage notifications for volumes existing during the audit period.

Together with the notifications generated by volumes create/delete/resize, over that time period, this allows an external system consuming usage notification feeds to calculate volume usage for each tenant.

Time periods are specified as ‘hour’, ‘month’, ‘day’ or ‘year’

  • hour - previous hour. If run at 9:07am, will generate usage for 8-9am.
  • month - previous month. If the script is run April 1, it will generate usages for March 1 through March 31.
  • day - previous day. if run on July 4th, it generates usages for July 3rd.
  • year - previous year. If run on Jan 1, it generates usages for Jan 1 through Dec 31 of the previous year.
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