cinder.flow_utils module

cinder.flow_utils module

class CinderTask(addons=None, **kwargs)

Bases: taskflow.task.Task

The root task class for all cinder tasks.

It automatically names the given task using the module and class that implement the given task as the task name.

classmethod make_name(addons=None)
class DynamicLogListener(engine, task_listen_for=('*', ), flow_listen_for=('*', ), retry_listen_for=('*', ), logger=<oslo_log.log.KeywordArgumentAdapter object>)

Bases: taskflow.listeners.logging.DynamicLoggingListener

This is used to attach to taskflow engines while they are running.

It provides a bunch of useful features that expose the actions happening inside a taskflow engine, which can be useful for developers for debugging, for operations folks for monitoring and tracking of the resource actions and more…

class SpecialFormatter(engine)

Bases: taskflow.formatters.FailureFormatter

format(fail, atom_matcher)

Returns a (exc_info, details) tuple about the failure.

The exc_info tuple should be a standard three element (exctype, value, traceback) tuple that will be used for further logging. A non-empty string is typically returned for details; it should contain any string info about the failure (with any specific details the exc_info may not have/contain).

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