cinder.interface.backup_chunked_driver module

cinder.interface.backup_chunked_driver module

Backup driver with ‘chunked’ backup operations.

class BackupChunkedDriver

Bases: cinder.interface.backup_driver.BackupDriver

Backup driver that supports ‘chunked’ backups.

delete_object(container, object_name)

Delete object from container.

  • container – The container to modify.
  • object_name – The object name to delete.
get_container_entries(container, prefix)

Get container entry names.

  • container – The container from which to get entries.
  • prefix – The prefix used to match entries.
get_extra_metadata(backup, volume)

Return extra metadata to use in prepare_backup.

This method allows for collection of extra metadata in prepare_backup() which will be passed to get_object_reader() and get_object_writer(). Subclass extensions can use this extra information to optimize data transfers.

returns:json serializable object
get_object_reader(container, object_name, extra_metadata=None)

Returns a reader object for the backed up chunk.

  • container – The container to read from.
  • object_name – The object name to read.
  • extra_metadata – Extra metadata to be included.
get_object_writer(container, object_name, extra_metadata=None)

Returns a writer which stores the chunk data in backup repository.

  • container – The container to write to.
  • object_name – The object name to write.
  • extra_metadata – Extra metadata to be included.

A context handler that can be used in a “with” context.


Create the container if needed. No failure if it pre-exists.

Parameters:container – The container to write into.
update_container_name(backup, container)

Allows sub-classes to override container name.

This method exists so that sub-classes can override the container name as it comes in to the driver in the backup object. Implementations should return None if no change to the container name is desired.

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