cinder.scheduler.filter_scheduler module

cinder.scheduler.filter_scheduler module

The FilterScheduler is for creating volumes.

You can customize this scheduler by specifying your own volume Filters and Weighing Functions.

class FilterScheduler(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.scheduler.driver.Scheduler

Scheduler that can be used for filtering and weighing.

backend_passes_filters(context, backend, request_spec, filter_properties)

Check if the specified backend passes the filters.

find_retype_backend(context, request_spec, filter_properties=None, migration_policy='never')

Find a backend that can accept the volume with its new type.

get_pools(context, filters)

Must override schedule method for scheduler to work.

populate_filter_properties(request_spec, filter_properties)

Stuff things into filter_properties.

Can be overridden in a subclass to add more data.

schedule(context, topic, method, *args, **kwargs)

Schedule contract that returns best-suited host for this request.

schedule_create_group(context, group, group_spec, request_spec_list, group_filter_properties, filter_properties_list)

Must override schedule method for scheduler to work.

schedule_create_volume(context, request_spec, filter_properties)

Must override schedule method for scheduler to work.

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