cinder.scheduler.filters.json_filter module

cinder.scheduler.filters.json_filter module

class JsonFilter

Bases: cinder.scheduler.filters.BaseBackendFilter

Backend filter for simple JSON-based grammar for selecting backends.

backend_passes(backend_state, filter_properties)

Return a list of backends that can fulfill query requirements.

commands = {'<': <function _less_than at 0x7f37b1fcb2a8>, '<=': <function _less_than_equal at 0x7f37b1fcb230>, '=': <function _equals at 0x7f37baf83848>, '>': <function _greater_than at 0x7f37b1fcbcf8>, '>=': <function _greater_than_equal at 0x7f37b1fcb398>, 'and': <function _and at 0x7f37b1fcb9b0>, 'in': <function _in at 0x7f37b1fcb6e0>, 'not': <function _not at 0x7f37b1fcbf50>, 'or': <function _or at 0x7f37b1fcb578>}
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