Intel Rack Scale Design (RSD) driver

The Intel Rack Scale Design volume driver is a block storage driver providing NVMe-oF support for RSD storage.

System requirements

To use the RSD driver, the following requirements are needed:

  • The driver only supports RSD API at version 2.4 or later.

  • The driver requires rsd-lib.

  • cinder-volume should be running on one of the composed node in RSD, and have access to the PODM url.

  • All the nova-compute services should be running on the composed nodes in RSD.

  • All the cinder-volume and nova-compute nodes should have installed dmidecode and the latest nvme-cli with connect/disconnect subcommands.

Supported operations

  • Create, delete volumes.

  • Attach, detach volumes.

  • Copy an image to a volume.

  • Copy a volume to an image.

  • Create, delete snapshots.

  • Create a volume from a snapshot.

  • Clone a volume.

  • Extend a volume.

  • Get volume statistics.


On cinder-volume nodes, using the following configurations in your /etc/cinder/cinder.conf:

volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.rsd.RSDDriver

The following table contains the configuration options supported by the RSD driver:

Description of RSD configuration options

Configuration option = Default value


podm_password = <>

(String) Password of PODM service

podm_url = <>

(String) URL of PODM service

podm_username = <>

(String) Username of PODM service