Fetcher configuration

Backend option

backend is a common option specified in the [fetcher] section of the configuration file. It defaults to keystone and specifies the driver to be used for fetching the list of scopes to rate.

Fetcher-specific options

Fetcher-specific options must be specified in the fetcher_{fetcher_name} section of cloudkitty.conf.


Section fetcher_gnocchi.

  • scope_attribute: Defaults to project_id. Attribute from which scope_ids should be collected.

  • resource_types: Defaults to [generic]. List of gnocchi resource types. All if left blank.

  • gnocchi_auth_type: Defaults to keystone. Defines what authentication method should be used by the gnocchi fetcher. Must be one of basic (for gnocchi basic authentication) or keystone (for classic keystone authentication). If keystone is chosen, credentials can be specified in a section pointed at by the auth_section parameter.

  • gnocchi_user: For gnocchi basic authentication only. The gnocchi user.

  • gnocchi_endpoint: For gnocchi basic authentication only. The gnocchi endpoint.

  • interface: Defaults to internalURL. For keystone authentication only. The interface to use for keystone URL discovery.

  • region_name: Defaults to RegionOne. For keystone authentication only. Region name.


Section fetcher_keystone.

  • keystone_version: Defaults to 3. Keystone version to use.

  • auth_section: If the auth_section option is defined then all the options declared in the target section will be used in order to fetch scopes through Keystone service.

If auth_section option is not defined then you can configure Keystone fetcher using regular Keystone authentication options as found here: Step by step configuration guide.

  • ignore_rating_role: if set to true, the Keystone fetcher will not check if a project has the rating role; thus, CloudKitty will execute rating for every project it finds. Defaults to false.

  • ignore_disabled_tenants: if set to true, Cloudkitty will not rate projects that are disabled in Keystone. Defaults to false.


Section fetcher_prometheus.

  • metric: Metric from which scope_ids should be requested.

  • scope_attribute: Defaults to project_id. Attribute from which scope_ids should be requested.

  • filters: Optional key-value dictionary to use additional metadata to filter out some of the Prometheus service response.

  • prometheus_url: Prometheus HTTP API URL.

  • prometheus_user: For HTTP basic authentication. The username.

  • prometheus_password: For HTTP basic authentication. The password.

  • cafile: Option to allow custom certificate authority file.

  • insecure: Option to explicitly allow untrusted HTTPS connections.


Section fetcher_source.

  • sources: Explicit list of scope_ids.