Storage backend configuration

Common options


Two storage backend interfaces are available: v1 and v2. Each supports one or several drivers. The v2 storage interface is required to use CloudKitty’s v2 API. It is retrocompatible with the v1 API. However, it is not possible to use the v2 API with the v1 storage interface.

The main storage backend options are specified in the [storage] section of the configuration file. The following options are available:

  • version: Defaults to 2. Version of the storage interface to use (must be 1 or 2).

  • backend: Defaults to influxdb. Storage driver to use. Supported v1 drivers are:

    • sqlalchemy

    Supported v2 drivers are:

    • influxdb

    • elasticsearch

Driver-specific options

SQLAlchemy (v1)

This backend has no specific options. It uses the connection option of the database section. Example of value for this option:


connection = mysql+pymysql://cloudkitty_user:cloudkitty_password@mariadb_host/cloudkitty_database

InfluxDB (v2)

Section: storage_influxdb.

  • username: InfluxDB username.

  • password: InfluxDB password.

  • database: InfluxDB database.

  • retention_policy: Retention policy to use (defaults to autogen)

  • host: Defaults to localhost. InfluxDB host.

  • port: Default to 8086. InfluxDB port.

  • use_ssl: Defaults to false. Set to true to use SSL for InfluxDB connections.

  • insecure: Defaults to false. Set to true to authorize insecure HTTPS connections to InfluxDB.

  • cafile: Path of the CA certificate to trust for HTTPS connections.


CloudKitty will push one point per collected metric per collect period to InfluxDB. Depending on the size of your infra and the capacities of your InfluxDB host / cluster, you might want to do regular exports of your data and create a custom retention policy on cloudkitty’s database.

ElasticSearch (v2)

Section storage_elasticsearch:

  • host: Defaults to http://localhost:9200. Elasticsearch host, along with port and protocol.

  • index_name: Defaults to cloudkitty. Elasticsearch index to use.

  • insecure: Defaults to false. Set to true to allow insecure HTTPS connections to Elasticsearch.

  • cafile: Path of the CA certificate to trust for HTTPS connections.

  • scroll_duration: Defaults to 30. Duration (in seconds) for which the ES scroll contexts should be kept alive.