Cloudkitty Status CLI

This chapter documents cloudkitty-status.

For help on a specific cloudkitty-status command, enter:

$ cloudkitty-status COMMAND --help


cloudkitty-status is a tool that provides routines for checking the status of a Cloudkitty deployment.

The standard pattern for executing a cloudkitty-status command is:

cloudkitty-status <category> <command> [<args>]

Run without arguments to see a list of available command categories:


Categories are:

  • upgrade

Detailed descriptions are below.

You can also run with a category argument such as upgrade to see a list of all commands in that category:

cloudkitty-status upgrade

The following sections describe the available categories and arguments for cloudkitty-status.

cloudkitty-status upgrade

cloudkitty-status upgrade check

cloudkitty-status upgrade check

Performs a release-specific readiness check before restarting services with new code. This command expects to have complete configuration and access to the database.

Return Codes

Return code



All upgrade readiness checks passed successfully and there is nothing to do.


At least one check encountered an issue and requires further investigation. This is considered a warning but the upgrade may be OK.


There was an upgrade status check failure that needs to be investigated. This should be considered something that stops an upgrade.


An unexpected error occurred.

History of Checks

9.0.0 (Stein)

  • Checks that the storage interface version is 2 (which is default).