Getting Involved


There is an active IRC channel at irc://, where many of the designate contributors can be found, as well as users from various organisations.

Weekly meetings

There is a weekly irc meet. The agenda and other details are listed at Designate meetings wiki page. Currently the meeting is held every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC on the IRC channel irc://


We welcome fixes, extensions, documentation, pretty much anything that helps improve Designate, contributing is easy & follows the standard OpenStack Gerrit workflow, if you’re looking for something to do, you could always checkout the blueprint & bug lists.

Assuming you’ve already got a working Development Environment, here’s a quick summary:

Install the git-review package to make life easier

pip install git-review

Branch, work, & submit:

# cut a new branch, tracking master
git checkout --track -b bug/id origin/master
# work work work
git add stuff
git commit
# rebase/squash to a single commit before submitting
git rebase -i
# submit

Coding Standards

Designate uses the OpenStack flake8 coding standards guidelines. These are stricter than pep8, and are run by gerrit on every commit.

You can use tox to check your code locally by running

# For just flake8 tests
tox -e flake8
# For tests + flake8