PDNS4 Backend

PDNS4 Backend

PDNS4 Configuration

The version PowerDNS in Ubuntu Xenial is pdns4. This has a different DB schema, and is incompatible with the legacy PowerDNS driver. In PDNS 4 the API was marked stable, and this is what we will use.

You will need to configure PowerDNS, and its database before performing these steps.

You will need to use a database backend for PowerDNS’s API to function.

See PowerDNS Docs for details.

  1. Enable the API in the pdns.conf file.
  1. Configure the PowerDNS Backend using this sample target snippet
    - type: pdns4
      description: PowerDNS4 DNS Server

      # List out the designate-mdns servers from which PowerDNS servers should
      # request zone transfers (AXFRs) from.
        - host:
          port: 5354

      # PowerDNS Configuration options
        port: 53
        api_token: changeme
  1. Then update the pools in designate
$ designate-manage pool update

See designate-manage pool for further details on the designate-manage pool command, and DNS Server Pools for information about the yaml file syntax

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