DNS service overview

The DNS service provides DNS Zone and RecordSet management for OpenStack clouds. The DNS Service includes a REST API, a command-line client, and a Horizon Dashboard plugin.

The DNS service consists of the following components:

openstack command-line client plugin

A plugin for the OpenStack Client CLI that communicates with the REST API

designate-api component

An OpenStack-native REST API that processes API requests by sending them to the designate-central over Remote Procedure Call (RPC).

designate-central component

Orchestrates the creation, deletion and update of Zones and RecordSets.

designate-producer component

Orchestrates periodic tasks that are run by designate.

designate-worker component

Is a generic task runner, that runs both zone create / update and deletes, and periodic tasks, from designate-producer

designate-mdns component

A small DNS Server that is responsible for pushing DNS Zone information to the customer facing DNS Servers. Can also pull in DNS information about DNS Zones hosted outside of the Designate infrastructure

designate-agent component

A small python daemon that can be used for a limited sub set of DNS Servers Some DNS Servers requrire commands be run locally, and to do this we use this component.


The majority of the DNS service installs will not need this component.

Customer Facing DNS Servers

Serves DNS requests to end users. They are orchestreated by the designate-worker, and the supported list is maintained here.