The congress.datasources.murano_driver Module

class congress.datasources.murano_driver.MuranoDriver(name=”, args=None)

Bases: congress.datasources.datasource_driver.PollingDataSourceDriver, congress.datasources.datasource_driver.ExecutionDriver

ACTIONS = ‘actions’
APPS_TYPE_PREFIXES = [‘io.murano.apps’, ‘io.murano.databases’]
CONNECTED = ‘connected’
OBJECTS = ‘objects’
PARENT_TYPES = ‘parent_types’
PROPERTIES = ‘properties’
RELATIONSHIPS = ‘relationships’
STATES = ‘states’
UNUSED_ENV_PROPERTIES = [‘id’, ‘tenant_id’]
UNUSED_PKG_PROPERTIES = [‘id’, ‘owner_id’, ‘description’]
execute(action, action_args)

Overwrite ExecutionDriver.execute().

static get_datasource_info()
classmethod get_schema()

Returns a dictionary of table schema.

The dictionary mapping tablenames to the list of column names for that table. Both tablenames and columnnames are strings.


Called when it is time to pull new data from this datasource.

Sets self.state[tablename] = <set of tuples of strings/numbers> for every tablename exported by this datasource.