git clone

Copy one of the following as your local.conf to your devstack folder

Automated setup using Vagrant + Virtualbox

This will create a 3 node devstack (controller + two computes), where Dragonflow is used as the Open vSwitch backend.

Vagrant allows to configure the provider on which the virtual machines are created. Virtualbox is the default provider used to launch the VM’s on a developer computer, but other providers can be used: VMWare, AWS, OpenStack, containers stuff, …

Quick Start

  1. Install Virtualbox ( and Vagrant (
  2. Configure
git clone
cd dragonflow
vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier
vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
  1. Adjust the settings in vagrant/provisioning/virtualbox.conf.yml if needed (5GB RAM is the minimum to get 1 VM running on the controller node)
  2. Launch the VM’s: vagrant up

… This may take a while, once it is finished:

  • you can ssh into the virtual machines: vagrant ssh devstack_controller, vagrant ssh devstack_compute1 or vagrant ssh devstack_compute2
  • you can access the horizon dashboard at
  • the dragonflow folder is shared between the host and the two nodes (at /home/vagrant/dragonflow)
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