Open Virtual Network (OVN) offers the following virtual network services:

  • Layer-2 (switching)

    Native implementation. Replaces the conventional Open vSwitch (OVS) agent.

  • Layer-3 (routing)

    Native implementation that supports distributed routing. Replaces the conventional Neutron L3 agent.

  • DHCP

    Native distributed implementation. Replaces the conventional Neutron DHCP agent. Note that the native implementation does not yet support DNS or Metadata features.

  • DPDK

    OVN and networking-ovn may be used with OVS using either the Linux kernel datapath or the DPDK datapath.

  • Trunk driver

    Uses OVN’s functionality of parent port and port tagging to support trunk service plugin. One has to enable the ‘trunk’ service plugin in neutron configuration files to use this feature.

The following Neutron API extensions are supported with OVN:

Extension Name Extension Alias
agent agent
Allowed Address Pairs allowed-address-pairs
Auto Allocated Topology Services auto-allocated-topology
Availability Zone availability_zone
Default Subnetpools default-subnetpools
Multi Provider Network multi-provider
Network IP Availability network-ip-availability
Neutron external network external-net
Neutron Extra DHCP opts extra_dhcp_opt
Neutron Extra Route extraroute
Neutron L3 external gateway ext-gw-mode
Neutron L3 Router router
Network MTU net-mtu
Port Binding binding
Port Security port-security
Provider Network provider
Quality of Service qos
Quota management support quotas
RBAC Policies rbac-policies
Resource revision numbers revisions
security-group security-group
standard-attr-description standard-attr-description
Subnet Allocation subnet_allocation
Tag support tag
Time Stamp Fields timestamp_core