Boot and delete VM with disabling management network on one of controllers

This report is generated on results collected by execution of the following Rally scenario:

            name: "m1.micro"
            name: "(^cirros.*uec$|TestVM)"
        force_delete: false
        type: "constant_for_duration"
        duration: 600
        concurrency: 4
          tenants: 1
          users_per_tenant: 1
          name: fault_injection
            action: disconnect management network on one node with nova-scheduler service
            name: event
              unit: iteration
              at: [50] Summary

In this scenario we disable management network interface on one of controllers (in Fuel architecture controller runs DB, MQ, API services, scheduler). This emulates the case with networking outage (network port failure on machine or switch).

The outage causes all services to become unreachable from outside. Moreover, the cluster remains broken even 10 minutes after the fault.

Service downtime, s MTTR, s Absolute performance degradation, s Relative performance degradation, ratio
358.0 ±2.7 149.0 ±2.1 24 ±17 5.7 ±3.4
  • Service downtime is the time interval between the first and the last errors.
  • MTTR is the mean time to recover service performance after the fault.
  • Absolute performance degradation is an absolute difference between the mean of operation duration during recovery period and the baseline’s.
  • Relative performance degradation is the ratio between the mean of operation duration during recovery period and the baseline’s. Details

This section contains individual data for particular scenario runs. Run #1

../../../../../../_images/plot_118.svg Baseline

Baseline samples are collected before the start of fault injection. They are used to estimate service performance degradation after the fault.

Samples Median, s Mean, s Std dev 95% percentile, s
36 5.5 5.2 0.6 6 Service downtime

The tested service is not available during the following time period(s).

# Downtime, s
1 126.32 ±0.82
2 231.7 ±6.5 Service performance degradation

The tested service has measurable performance degradation during the following time period(s).

# Time to recover, s Absolute degradation, s Relative degradation
1 149.0 ±4.6 24 ±17 5.7 ±3.4