class novaclient.v2.client.Client(api_version=None, auth=None, auth_token=None, auth_url=None, cacert=None, cert=None, direct_use=True, endpoint_override=None, endpoint_type=’publicURL’, extensions=None, http_log_debug=False, insecure=False, logger=None, os_cache=False, password=None, project_domain_id=None, project_domain_name=None, project_id=None, project_name=None, region_name=None, service_name=None, service_type=’compute’, session=None, timeout=None, timings=False, user_domain_id=None, user_domain_name=None, user_id=None, username=None, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Top-level object to access the OpenStack Compute API.


All scripts and projects should not initialize this class directly. It should be done via novaclient.client.Client interface.

Initialization of Client object.

  • api_version (novaclient.api_versions.APIVersion) – Compute API version
  • auth (str) – Auth
  • auth_token (str) – Auth token
  • auth_url (str) – Auth URL
  • cacert (str) – ca-certificate
  • cert (str) – certificate
  • direct_use (bool) – Inner variable of novaclient. Do not use it outside novaclient. It’s restricted.
  • endpoint_override (str) – Bypass URL
  • endpoint_type (str) – Endpoint Type
  • extensions (str) – Extensions
  • http_log_debug (bool) – Enable debugging for HTTP connections
  • insecure (bool) – Allow insecure
  • logger (logging.Logger) – Logger instance to be used for all logging stuff
  • password (str) – User password
  • os_cache (bool) – OS cache
  • project_domain_id (str) – ID of project domain
  • project_domain_name (str) – Name of project domain
  • project_id (str) – Project/Tenant ID
  • project_name (str) – Project/Tenant name
  • region_name (str) – Region Name
  • service_name (str) – Service Name
  • service_type (str) – Service Type
  • session (str) – Session
  • timeout (float) – API timeout, None or 0 disables
  • timings (bool) – Timings
  • user_domain_id (str) – ID of user domain
  • user_domain_name (str) – Name of user domain
  • user_id (str) – User ID
  • username (str) – Username

Authenticate against the server.

Normally this is called automatically when you first access the API, but you can call this method to force authentication right now.

Returns on success; raises exceptions.Unauthorized if the credentials are wrong.