Cinder Plugin Guide

Integration is provided via a plugin. There are multiple configuration settings required for proper indexing and incremental updates. Some of the settings are specified in Searchlight configuration files. Others are provided in other service configuration files.

Searchlight Configuration

Searchlight resource configuration options are shown below with their configuration file and default values.

See Searchlight Plugin Documentation for common options with their default values, general configuration information, and an example complete configuration.


Unless you are changing to a non-default value, you do not need to specify any of the following configuration options.


Plugin: OS::Cinder::Volume

enabled = true
resource_group_name = searchlight

Plugin: OS::Cinder::Snapshot

enabled = true
resource_group_name = searchlight

Cinder Configuration

Cinder sends notifications on create/update/delete actions on the resources that it implements. Currently Searchlight supports indexing for volumes and snapshots of volumes. Backup support will be added but some changes to the cinder backup API is required first.


Notifications must be configured properly for searchlight to process incremental updates. Enable notifications using the following:

driver = messagingv2


Restart the Cinder api service (c-api) after making changes. See Notifications for more information on notification topics.

local.conf (devstack)

The settings above may be automatically configured by by adding them to the following post config section in devstack. Just place the following in local.conf and copy the above settings underneath it.:


Release Notes (Mitaka)

Notifications must be configured properly for searchlight to process incremental updates. Searchlight must use its own topic. Use the following:

notification_driver = messaging
notification_topics = searchlight_indexer
The following fields are exposed to adminstrators only for cinder volumes:
  • os-vol-mig-status-attr:*
  • os-vol-host-attr:*
  • migration

Additional properties can be similarly protected with the admin_only_fields under each plugin’s configuration section. Glob-like patterns are supported. For instance:


See: ADMIN_ONLY_FIELDS in: * searchlight/elasticsearch/plugins/cinder/