Ironic Plugin Guide

Integration is provided via a plugin. There are multiple configuration settings required for proper indexing and incremental updates. Some of the settings are specified in Searchlight configuration files. Others are provided in other service configuration files.

Searchlight Configuration

Searchlight resource configuration options are shown below with their configuration file.

See Searchlight Plugin Documentation for common options with their default values, general configuration information, and an example complete configuration.


Plugin: OS::Ironic::Chassis

notifications_topics_exchanges = ironic_versioned_notifications,ironic


Chassis is not parent resource for node because chassis is not mandatory for a node.

Plugin: OS::Ironic::Node

notifications_topics_exchanges = ironic_versioned_notifications,ironic

Plugin: OS::Ironic::Port

notifications_topics_exchanges = ironic_versioned_notifications,ironic

Ironic Configuration

The ironic services must be configured properly to work with searchlight.


Notifications must be configured properly for searchlight to process incremental updates. Enable notifications using the following:

notification_level = info

driver = messagingv2


Restart ironic api and conductor services after making changes.

Release Notes

properties node’s field mapped to node_properties due to limitation of older elasticsearch versions.