Parser syntax

Parser syntax

Installation guide is parsed directly into Bash code which will be using training labs to deploy OpenStack cluster. This should allow us to have higher agility for developing installation guides and to automatically test changes to the guides.

There are many factors that could lead to execution errors on the install guides, but one of the main potential sources of errors relies on the limitations of the human eye. The problem becomes specially important with the addition of project-specific installation guides.

Additionally, the parser is also enabled with linting capabilities which should provide some sort of syntax niceness and validate if the document is having the correct syntax for the scope of the parser to successfully parse RST to Bash.

To help the parser to validate the document, consider the following syntax format.

  • The code-block tags should be closed with end.

    .. code-block:: console
        $ echo "Hello, World!"
    .. end
  • The code-block tags which rely on path should have path tag one line above without a line break as shown below. May it be some code which has to be run from a specific folder or a configuration file, the parser should know about the path.

    • Example 1: Run a specific command from a given folder.

      .. path /usr/local/
      .. code-block:: console
        $ echo "Run a command from a specific folder"
        $ chmod -R +rx bin
      .. end
    • Example 2: Configure a configuration file.

      .. path /etc/keystone/keystone.conf
      .. code-block:: ini
        debug = True
      .. end
  • The only tags should be closed with endonly.

    .. only:: ubuntu or debian
        All related content.
    .. endonly
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