Ec2api Style Commandments

Ec2api Specific Commandments


  • Do not use locals(). Example:

    LOG.debug("volume %(vol_name)s: creating size %(vol_size)sG" %
              locals()) # BAD
    LOG.debug("volume %(vol_name)s: creating size %(vol_size)sG" %
              {'vol_name': vol_name,
               'vol_size': vol_size}) # OKAY
  • Use ‘raise’ instead of ‘raise e’ to preserve original traceback or exception being reraised:

    except Exception as e:
        raise e  # BAD
    except Exception:
        raise  # OKAY

Creating Unit Tests

For every new feature, unit tests should be created that both test and (implicitly) document the usage of said feature. If submitting a patch for a bug that had no unit test, a new passing unit test should be added. If a submitted bug fix does have a unit test, be sure to add a new one that fails without the patch and passes with the patch.

For more information on creating unit tests and utilizing the testing infrastructure in OpenStack Ec2api, please read ec2api/testing/README.rst.