Backup/Restore and DR service overview

The Backup/Restore and DR service provides an easy way to backup and restore

your OpenStack workloads to different storage.

The Backup and restore service consists of the following components:
  • freezer-api

  • freezer-agent

  • freezer-scheduler

The Disaster Recovery service consists of the following components:
  • freezer-dr

The service features a RESTful API, which can be used to maintain the status of your jobs, backups and metadata.

This chapter assumes a working setup of OpenStack following the base Installation Guide.

Concepts and definitions

freezer-api service

Accepts and responds to end user API calls…

freezer-scheduler service

Does API calls to freezer-api to schedule, fetch, update or Delete backup jobs.

freezer-agent service

Python application run on the same node like freezer-scheduler and it gets called by freezer-scheduler to execute backups/restore operations.

freezer-dr service

Independent service from all other freezer services. It runs on the control plane to do disaster recovery in case of any compute node failed (more to follow)

hostname is _probably_ going to be the host fqdn.

backup_id defined as UUID of a backup.