Backup metadata structure


sizes are in MB

  "container": string,
  "host_name": string,      # fqdn, client has to provide consistent information here !
  "backup_name": string,
  "time_stamp": int,
  "level": int,
  "max_level": int,
  "mode" : string,            (fs mongo mysql)
  "fs_real_path": string,
  "vol_snap_path": string,
  "total_broken_links" : int,
  "total_fs_files" : int,
  "total_directories" : int,
  "backup_size_uncompressed" : int,
  "backup_size_compressed" : int,
  "compression_alg": string,            (gzip bzip xz)
  "encrypted": bool,
  "client_os": string
  "broken_links" : [string, string, string],
  "excluded_files" : [string, string, string]
  "cli": string,         equivalent cli used when executing the backup ?
  "version": string

The api wraps backup_metadata dictionary with some additional information. It stores and returns the information provided in this form

  "backup_id": string         # backup UUID
  "user_id": string,          # owner of the backup metadata (OS X-User-Id, keystone provided)
  "user_name": string         # owner of the backup metadata (OS X-User-Name, keystone provided)

  "backup_metadata": {        #--- actual backup_metadata provided
    "container": string,
    "host_name": string,
    "backup_name": string,
    "timestamp": int,