Devstack Plugin

Edit local.conf

To configure the Freezer API with DevStack, you will need to enable the freezer-api plugin by adding one line to the [[local|localrc]] section of your local.conf file:

enable_plugin freezer-api <GITURL> [GITREF]
enable_plugin freezer <GITURL> [GITREF]
enable_plugin freezer-web-ui <GITURL> [GITREF]


<GITURL> is the URL of a freezer-api, freezer, freezer-web-ui repository
[GITREF] is an optional git ref (branch/ref/tag).  The default is master.

For example

enable_plugin freezer-api master
enable_plugin freezer master
enable_plugin freezer-web-ui master

Plugin Options

The plugin makes use of apache2 by default. To use the uwsgi server set the following environment variable


The default port is 9090. To configure the api to listen on a different port set the variable FREEZER_API_PORT. For example to make use of port 19090 instead of 9090 use

export FREEZER_API_PORT=19090

For more information, see openstack_devstack_plugins_install