Source code for glance.quota

# Copyright 2013, Red Hat, Inc.
#    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
#    not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
#    a copy of the License at
#    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
#    WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
#    License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
#    under the License.

import copy

import glance_store as store
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging
from oslo_utils import encodeutils
from oslo_utils import excutils

import glance.api.common
import glance.common.exception as exception
from glance.common import utils
import glance.domain
import glance.domain.proxy
from glance.i18n import _, _LI

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
CONF.import_opt('image_member_quota', 'glance.common.config')
CONF.import_opt('image_property_quota', 'glance.common.config')
CONF.import_opt('image_tag_quota', 'glance.common.config')

def _enforce_image_tag_quota(tags):
    if CONF.image_tag_quota < 0:
        # If value is negative, allow unlimited number of tags

    if not tags:

    if len(tags) > CONF.image_tag_quota:
        raise exception.ImageTagLimitExceeded(attempted=len(tags),

def _calc_required_size(context, image, locations):
    required_size = None
    if image.size:
        required_size = image.size * len(locations)
        for location in locations:
            size_from_backend = None

                if CONF.enabled_backends:
                    size_from_backend = store.get_size_from_uri_and_backend(
                        location['url'], location['metadata'].get('store'),
                    size_from_backend = store.get_size_from_backend(
                        location['url'], context=context)
            except (store.UnknownScheme, store.NotFound):
            except store.BadStoreUri:
                raise exception.BadStoreUri

            if size_from_backend:
                required_size = size_from_backend * len(locations)
    return required_size

def _enforce_image_location_quota(image, locations, is_setter=False):
    if CONF.image_location_quota < 0:
        # If value is negative, allow unlimited number of locations

    attempted = len(image.locations) + len(locations)
    attempted = attempted if not is_setter else len(locations)
    maximum = CONF.image_location_quota
    if attempted > maximum:
        raise exception.ImageLocationLimitExceeded(attempted=attempted,

[docs] class ImageRepoProxy(glance.domain.proxy.Repo): def __init__(self, image_repo, context, db_api, store_utils): self.image_repo = image_repo self.db_api = db_api proxy_kwargs = {'context': context, 'db_api': db_api, 'store_utils': store_utils} super(ImageRepoProxy, self).__init__(image_repo, item_proxy_class=ImageProxy, item_proxy_kwargs=proxy_kwargs) def _enforce_image_property_quota(self, properties): if CONF.image_property_quota < 0: # If value is negative, allow unlimited number of properties return attempted = len( [x for x in properties.keys() if not x.startswith(glance.api.common.GLANCE_RESERVED_NS)]) maximum = CONF.image_property_quota if attempted > maximum: kwargs = {'attempted': attempted, 'maximum': maximum} exc = exception.ImagePropertyLimitExceeded(**kwargs) LOG.debug(encodeutils.exception_to_unicode(exc)) raise exc
[docs] def save(self, image, from_state=None): if image.added_new_properties(): self._enforce_image_property_quota(image.extra_properties) return super(ImageRepoProxy, self).save(image, from_state=from_state)
[docs] def add(self, image): self._enforce_image_property_quota(image.extra_properties) return super(ImageRepoProxy, self).add(image)
[docs] class ImageFactoryProxy(glance.domain.proxy.ImageFactory): def __init__(self, factory, context, db_api, store_utils): proxy_kwargs = {'context': context, 'db_api': db_api, 'store_utils': store_utils} super(ImageFactoryProxy, self).__init__(factory, proxy_class=ImageProxy, proxy_kwargs=proxy_kwargs)
[docs] def new_image(self, **kwargs): tags = kwargs.pop('tags', set([])) _enforce_image_tag_quota(tags) return super(ImageFactoryProxy, self).new_image(tags=tags, **kwargs)
[docs] class QuotaImageTagsProxy(object): def __init__(self, orig_set): if orig_set is None: orig_set = set([]) self.tags = orig_set
[docs] def add(self, item): self.tags.add(item) _enforce_image_tag_quota(self.tags)
def __cast__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.tags.__cast__(*args, **kwargs) def __contains__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.tags.__contains__(*args, **kwargs) def __eq__(self, other): return self.tags == other def __ne__(self, other): return not self.__eq__(other) def __iter__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.tags.__iter__(*args, **kwargs) def __len__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.tags.__len__(*args, **kwargs) def __getattr__(self, name): # Protect against deepcopy, which calls getattr. __getattr__ # is only called when an attribute is not "normal", so when # self.tags is called, this is not. if name == 'tags': try: return self.__getattribute__('tags') except AttributeError: return None return getattr(self.tags, name)
[docs] class ImageMemberFactoryProxy(glance.domain.proxy.ImageMembershipFactory): def __init__(self, member_factory, context, db_api, store_utils): self.db_api = db_api self.context = context proxy_kwargs = {'context': context, 'db_api': db_api, 'store_utils': store_utils} super(ImageMemberFactoryProxy, self).__init__( member_factory, proxy_class=ImageMemberProxy, proxy_kwargs=proxy_kwargs) def _enforce_image_member_quota(self, image): if CONF.image_member_quota < 0: # If value is negative, allow unlimited number of members return current_member_count = self.db_api.image_member_count(self.context, image.image_id) attempted = current_member_count + 1 maximum = CONF.image_member_quota if attempted > maximum: raise exception.ImageMemberLimitExceeded(attempted=attempted, maximum=maximum)
[docs] def new_image_member(self, image, member_id): self._enforce_image_member_quota(image) return super(ImageMemberFactoryProxy, self).new_image_member(image, member_id)
[docs] class QuotaImageLocationsProxy(object): def __init__(self, image, context, db_api): self.image = image self.context = context self.db_api = db_api self.locations = image.locations def __cast__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.__cast__(*args, **kwargs) def __contains__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.__contains__(*args, **kwargs) def __delitem__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.__delitem__(*args, **kwargs) def __delslice__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.__delslice__(*args, **kwargs) def __eq__(self, other): return self.locations == other def __ne__(self, other): return not self.__eq__(other) def __getitem__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.__getitem__(*args, **kwargs) def __iadd__(self, other): if not hasattr(other, '__iter__'): raise TypeError() self._check_user_storage_quota(other) return self.locations.__iadd__(other) def __iter__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.__iter__(*args, **kwargs) def __len__(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.__len__(*args, **kwargs) def __setitem__(self, key, value): return self.locations.__setitem__(key, value)
[docs] def count(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.count(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def index(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.index(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def pop(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.pop(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def remove(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.remove(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def reverse(self, *args, **kwargs): return self.locations.reverse(*args, **kwargs)
def _check_user_storage_quota(self, locations): required_size = _calc_required_size(self.context, self.image, locations) glance.api.common.check_quota(self.context, required_size, self.db_api) _enforce_image_location_quota(self.image, locations) def __copy__(self): return type(self)(self.image, self.context, self.db_api) def __deepcopy__(self, memo): # NOTE(zhiyan): Only copy location entries, others can be reused. self.image.locations = copy.deepcopy(self.locations, memo) return type(self)(self.image, self.context, self.db_api)
[docs] def append(self, object): self._check_user_storage_quota([object]) return self.locations.append(object)
[docs] def insert(self, index, object): self._check_user_storage_quota([object]) return self.locations.insert(index, object)
[docs] def extend(self, iter): self._check_user_storage_quota(iter) return self.locations.extend(iter)
[docs] class ImageProxy(glance.domain.proxy.Image): def __init__(self, image, context, db_api, store_utils): self.image = image self.context = context self.db_api = db_api self.store_utils = store_utils super(ImageProxy, self).__init__(image) self.orig_props = set(image.extra_properties.keys())
[docs] def set_data(self, data, size=None, backend=None, set_active=True): remaining = glance.api.common.check_quota( self.context, size, self.db_api, image_id=self.image.image_id) if remaining is not None: # NOTE(jbresnah) we are trying to enforce a quota, put a limit # reader on the data data = utils.LimitingReader( data, remaining, exception_class=exception.StorageQuotaFull) self.image.set_data(data, size=size, backend=backend, set_active=set_active) # NOTE(jbresnah) If two uploads happen at the same time and neither # properly sets the size attribute[1] then there is a race condition # that will allow for the quota to be broken[2]. Thus we must recheck # the quota after the upload and thus after we know the size. # # Also, when an upload doesn't set the size properly then the call to # check_quota above returns None and so utils.LimitingReader is not # used above. Hence the store (e.g. filesystem store) may have to # download the entire file before knowing the actual file size. Here # also we need to check for the quota again after the image has been # downloaded to the store. # # [1] For e.g. when using chunked transfers the 'Content-Length' # header is not set. # [2] For e.g.: # - Upload 1 does not exceed quota but upload 2 exceeds quota. # Both uploads are to different locations # - Upload 2 completes before upload 1 and writes image.size. # - Immediately, upload 1 completes and (over)writes image.size # with the smaller size. # - Now, to glance, image has not exceeded quota but, in # reality, the quota has been exceeded. try: glance.api.common.check_quota( self.context, self.image.size, self.db_api, image_id=self.image.image_id) except exception.StorageQuotaFull: with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():'Cleaning up %s after exceeding the quota.'), self.image.image_id) self.store_utils.safe_delete_from_backend( self.context, self.image.image_id, self.image.locations[0])
@property def tags(self): return QuotaImageTagsProxy(self.image.tags) @tags.setter def tags(self, value): _enforce_image_tag_quota(value) self.image.tags = value @property def locations(self): return QuotaImageLocationsProxy(self.image, self.context, self.db_api) @locations.setter def locations(self, value): _enforce_image_location_quota(self.image, value, is_setter=True) if not isinstance(value, (list, QuotaImageLocationsProxy)): raise exception.Invalid(_('Invalid locations: %s') % value) required_size = _calc_required_size(self.context, self.image, value) glance.api.common.check_quota( self.context, required_size, self.db_api, image_id=self.image.image_id) self.image.locations = value
[docs] def added_new_properties(self): current_props = set(self.image.extra_properties.keys()) return bool(current_props.difference(self.orig_props))
[docs] class ImageMemberProxy(glance.domain.proxy.ImageMember): def __init__(self, image_member, context, db_api, store_utils): self.image_member = image_member self.context = context self.db_api = db_api self.store_utils = store_utils super(ImageMemberProxy, self).__init__(image_member)