glance.api.v1.controller module

class glance.api.v1.controller.BaseController[source]

Bases: object

get_active_image_meta_or_error(request, image_id)[source]

Same as get_image_meta_or_404 except that it will raise a 403 if the image is deactivated or 404 if the image is otherwise not ‘active’.

get_image_meta_or_404(request, image_id)[source]

Grabs the image metadata for an image with a supplied identifier or raises an HTTPNotFound (404) response

  • request – The WSGI/Webob Request object

  • image_id – The opaque image identifier


HTTPNotFound – if image does not exist

update_store_acls(req, image_id, location_uri, public=False)[source]