glance.api.v1.upload_utils module

glance.api.v1.upload_utils.initiate_deletion(req, location_data, id)[source]

Deletes image data from the location of backend store.

  • req – The WSGI/Webob Request object

  • location_data – Location to the image data in a data store

  • id – Opaque image identifier

glance.api.v1.upload_utils.safe_kill(req, image_id, from_state)[source]

Mark image killed without raising exceptions if it fails.

Since _kill is meant to be called from exceptions handlers, it should not raise itself, rather it should just log its error.

  • req – The WSGI/Webob Request object

  • image_id – Opaque image identifier

  • from_state – Permitted current status for transition to ‘killed’

glance.api.v1.upload_utils.upload_data_to_store(req, image_meta, image_data, store, notifier)[source]

Upload image data to specified store.

Upload image data to the store and cleans up on error.