glance.async_ package

Module contents

class glance.async_.TaskExecutor(context, task_repo, image_repo, image_factory)[source]

Bases: object

Base class for Asynchronous task executors. It does not support the execution mechanism.

Provisions the extensible classes with necessary variables to utilize important Glance modules like, context, task_repo, image_repo, image_factory.


It also gives abstraction for the standard pre-processing and post-processing operations to be executed by a task. These may include validation checks, security checks, introspection, error handling etc. The aim is to give developers an abstract sense of the execution pipeline logic.

context: glance.context.RequestContext object for AuthZ and AuthN


task_repo: glance.db.TaskRepo object which acts as a translator for

glance.domain.Task and glance.domain.TaskStub objects into ORM semantics

image_repo: glance.db.ImageRepo object which acts as a translator for

glance.domain.Image object into ORM semantics

image_factory: glance.domain.ImageFactory object to be used for

creating new images for certain types of tasks viz. import, cloning