Code Reviews

Glance follows the same Review guidelines outlined by the OpenStack community. This page provides additional information that is helpful for reviewers of patches to Glance.


Glance uses the Gerrit tool to review proposed code changes. The review site is

Gerrit is a complete replacement for Github pull requests. All Github pull requests to the Cinder repository will be ignored.

See Quick Reference for information on quick reference for developers. See Getting Started for information on how to get started using Gerrit. See Development Workflow for more detailed information on how to work with Gerrit.

The Great Change

With the demise of Python 2.7 in January 2020, beginning with the Ussuri development cycle, Glance only needs to support Python 3 runtimes (in particular, 3.6 and 3.7). There was a four cycle transition period, but starting in the Yoga development cycle, all Python 2 compatibility code has been removed and only Python 3 is supposed.

Unit Tests

Glance requires unit tests with all patches that introduce a new branch or function in the code. Changes that do not come with a unit test change should be considered closely and usually returned to the submitter with a request for the addition of unit test.