Glance scrub service
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glance-scrubber [options]


glance-scrubber is a utility that cleans up images that have been deleted. The mechanics of this differ depending on the backend store and pending_deletion options chosen.

Multiple glance-scrubbers can be run in a single deployment, but only one of them may be designated as the ‘cleanup_scrubber’ in the glance-scrubber.conf file. The ‘cleanup_scrubber’ coordinates other glance-scrubbers by maintaining the master queue of images that need to be removed.

The glance-scubber.conf file also specifies important configuration items such as the time between runs (‘wakeup_time’ in seconds), length of time images can be pending before their deletion (‘cleanup_scrubber_time’ in seconds) as well as registry connectivity options.

glance-scrubber can run as a periodic job or long-running daemon.


General options

-D, –daemon
Run as a long-running process. When not specified (the default) run the scrub operation once and then exits. When specified do not exit and run scrub on wakeup_time interval as specified in the config.
The inverse of –daemon. Runs the scrub operation once and then exits. This is the default.


Default configuration file for the Glance Scrubber


  • Glance bugs are tracked in Launchpad so you can view current bugs at OpenStack Glance
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