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Functions related to grenade plugins

The following variables are assumed to be defined by certain functions:

# DIVIDER #!/bin/bash GRENADE_DB=$SAVE_DIR/grenade_db.ini function load_settings { # DIVIDER local in_tree_plugins=$RC_DIR/projects for dir in $in_tree_plugins/*; do local settings=$dir/settings if [[ -e $settings ]]; then source $settings fi done # DIVIDER local plugins="${GRENADE_PLUGINS}" local plugin # DIVIDER if [[ -z $plugins ]]; then return fi echo "Loading plugin settings" for plugin in ${plugins//,/ }; do local dir=${GITDIR[$plugin]} # DIVIDER if [[ -f $dir/devstack/upgrade/settings ]]; then echo "Loading settings for $plugin from $dir/devstack/upgrade/settings" source $dir/devstack/upgrade/settings fi done export UPGRADE_PROJECTS } function reverse_list { local str="" local reversed="" for str in $@; do reversed="$str $reversed" done echo $reversed } function shutdown_services { local projects="" local project="" projects=`reverse_list "$UPGRADE_PROJECTS"` echo "Upgrade projects: $projects" # DIVIDER for project in $projects; do echo "Looking for $project" local dir=${PLUGIN_DIR[$project]} if [[ -z "$dir" ]]; then die $LINENO "Couldn't find project '$project' in plugin list" fi local shutdown=$dir/ if [[ -e $shutdown ]]; then TOP_DIR=$BASE_DEVSTACK_DIR $shutdown || die $LINENO "Failed to shutdown $project" fi done } function resources { # DIVIDER local phase=$1 local side=$2 local project="" # DIVIDER if [[ "$VERIFY_RESOURCES" != "True" ]]; then echo "Skipping resource phase ``$phase`` by configuration" return fi local desc=$phase if [[ -n $side ]]; then desc="$phase $side" fi echo_summary "Running resource phase: ``$desc``" local projects=$UPGRADE_PROJECTS if [[ $phase == "destroy" ]];then projects=`reverse_list "$UPGRADE_PROJECTS"` fi for project in $projects; do local dir=${PLUGIN_DIR[$project]} if [[ -z "$dir" ]]; then die $LINENO "Couldn't find project '$project' in plugin list" fi local resource=$dir/ if [[ -e $resource ]]; then # DIVIDER TOP_DIR=$BASE_DEVSTACK_DIR LOGDIR=$LOGDIR \ $resource $phase $side || die $LINENO "Failed to run ``$resource $phase $side``" fi done } # DIVIDER function init_grenade_db { mkdir -p $SAVE_DIR echo "" > $GRENADE_DB } function resource_save { local project=$1 local key=$2 local value=$3 iniset $GRENADE_DB $project $key $value } function resource_get { local project=$1 local key=$2 local value=$(iniget $GRENADE_DB $project $key) echo $value } # DIVIDER function enable_grenade_plugin { local name=$1 local url=$2 local branch=${3:-$TARGET_DEVSTACK_BRANCH} # DIVIDER local plugin_dir=${PLUGIN_DIR:-$STACK_ROOT/plugins} GRENADE_PLUGINS+=",$name" # DIVIDER GITREPO[$name]=$url GITDIR[$name]=$plugin_dir/$name GITBRANCH[$name]=$branch } function devstack_localrc { if [ "${GRENADE_USE_EXTERNAL_DEVSTACK}" == "True" ]; then echo "DevStack is configured externally, ignoring \$(devstack_localrc $@)" return fi local settings_file=$(caller | awk '{print $2}') local where=$1 local path=$(localrc_path $where) shift echo "Adding settings to $where at $path" dsconf setlc_raw $path "# added by $settings_file" dsconf setlc_raw $path "$@" } function fetch_grenade_plugins { local plugins="${GRENADE_PLUGINS}" local plugin # DIVIDER if [[ -z $plugins ]]; then return fi echo "Fetching Grenade plugins" for plugin in ${plugins//,/ }; do git_clone_by_name $plugin done } # DIVIDER if [[ -f ${GRENADE_DIR}/pluginrc ]]; then source ${GRENADE_DIR}/pluginrc fi # DIVIDER

In tree plugins

External plugins

short circuit if nothing to do

source any known settings

iterate in reverse under the theory that we should take down services in opposite order

which resource phase are we in

bail early if we aren't going to do this level of verification.

NOTE(sdague): we might need to set topdir differently?

initialize the grenade_db and ensure that it's blank for each run

External plugin interface for grenade

the following allows us to set the PLUGIN_DIR for the gate to zuul checked out locations.

NOTE(sdague): we're intentional namespace colliding with devstack to reuse devstack architecture. I don't think this is going to get us in trouble, but it might. So here be dragons, or at least small fierce lizards of unknown provenance.

short circuit if nothing to do

this allows us to expose this late