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# DIVIDER #!/bin/bash set -o errexit DEVSTACK_DIR="" function usage { cat - <<EOF Usage: [-d devstackdir] <project> <phase> Runs the resource test scripts for the project. This is done automatically during grenade runs, however when developing new resource scripts, it's extremely helpful to iterate with this tool. This tool can also be used to build same resources with only a devstack tree. In that case run this script from your devstack tree with the -d option. ../grenade/ -d . nova create EOF exit } # DIVIDER while getopts hd: opt; do case $opt in h) usage ;; d) DEVSTACK_DIR=$OPTARG shift $((OPTIND-1)) ;; esac done export GRENADE_DIR=${GRENADE_DIR:-$(cd $(dirname "$0") && pwd)} TARGET_DEVSTACK_DIR=$DEVSTACK_DIR source $GRENADE_DIR/grenaderc export TOP_DIR=${DEVSTACK_DIR:-$BASE_DEVSTACK_DIR} PROJECT=$1 PHASE=$2 # DIVIDER if [[ -z "$PROJECT" || -z "$PHASE" ]]; then usage fi FILE=$(ls -d $GRENADE_DIR/projects/*_$PROJECT/) if [[ -e $FILE/ ]]; then set -o xtrace $FILE/ $PHASE else echo "Couldn't find $PROJECT" exit fi # DIVIDER

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