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Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

# DIVIDER #!/bin/bash # DIVIDER export DATABASES_TO_SAVE=${DATABASES_TO_SAVE:-} # DIVIDER function save_mysql_dbs { local release=$1 local dir=$2 # DIVIDER local mysql_pass=$( set +o xtrace && source $dir/stackrc && echo $MYSQL_PASSWORD) local database_user=$( set +o xtrace && source $dir/stackrc && echo ${DATABASE_USER:-root}) db_names=( $(mysql -u$database_user -p$mysql_pass -Bse "show databases;") ) for db in $DATABASES_TO_SAVE; do for db_found in "${db_names[@]}"; do if [[ "$db" == "$db_found" ]]; then echo "Saving database :" $db mysqldump -u$database_user -p$mysql_pass $db >$SAVE_DIR/$db.sql.$release break fi done done } # DIVIDER function register_db_to_save { for db in $@; do DATABASES_TO_SAVE+=" $db" done } # DIVIDER function upgrade_service { local local_service=$1 local plugin_dir=${PLUGIN_DIR[$local_service]} if [[ -n "$plugin_dir" ]]; then echo_summary "Upgrading $local_service..." TOP_DIR=$TARGET_DEVSTACK_DIR $plugin_dir/upgrade.sh || die $LINENO "Failure in $plugin_dir/upgrade.sh" else echo_summary "Upgrading $local_service... (legacy mode)" $GRENADE_DIR/upgrade-$local_service || die $LINENO "Failure in upgrade-$local_service" fi } # DIVIDER function upgrade_project { # DIVIDER project=$1 base_dir=$2 base_branch=$3 target_branch=$4 if [[ "$base_branch" == "$target_branch" ]]; then direction="within" else direction="from" fi upgrade_dir=$(get_release_name_from_branch $base_branch) upgrade_file=${base_dir}/${direction}"-"${upgrade_dir}/"upgrade-"${project} if [[ -e ${upgrade_file} ]]; then source ${upgrade_file} && configure_${project}_upgrade else echo "Warning: No new configurations were found for OpenStack $project." echo "If your patch fails during the upgrade this may be the cause." fi } # DIVIDER function register_project_for_upgrade { local project=$1 # DIVIDER local settings_file=$(caller | awk '{print $2}') local dir=$(dirname $settings_file) UPGRADE_PROJECTS+=" $project" PLUGIN_DIR[$project]=$dir } function is_service_running { local name="$1" local exitcode=0 if $SYSTEMCTL is-enabled "devstack@$name" --no-pager; then $SYSTEMCTL status "devstack@$name" --no-pager exitcode=$? # DIVIDER else deprecated "Using the process name with ps for service status is deprecated, please update to use the systemd unit name" ps auxw | grep -v grep | grep -v shutdown.sh | grep -v upgrade.sh | grep -e "${name}" exitcode=$? fi return $exitcode } # DIVIDER # DIVIDER function ensure_services_stopped { local wait_for=$SERVICE_TIMEOUT local still_running="" while [ $wait_for -gt 0 ]; do still_running="" local service="" for service in "$@"; do if is_service_running "${service}"; then still_running+=" $service" fi done if [[ -n "$still_running" ]]; then echo "The following services are still running: $still_running... sleeping and trying again" sleep 1 else break fi wait_for=$[$wait_for - 1] done if [[ -n "$still_running" ]]; then # DIVIDER ps auxw ss -p -t -o state established die $LINENO "The following services are still running: $still_running" fi } # DIVIDER function ensure_services_started { local wait_for=$SERVICE_TIMEOUT while [ $wait_for -gt 0 ]; do not_running="" local service="" for service in "$@"; do if ! is_service_running "${service}"; then not_running+=" $service" fi done if [[ -n "$not_running" ]]; then echo "The following services are not running: $not_running... sleeping and trying again" sleep 1 else break fi wait_for=$[$wait_for - 1] done if [[ -n "$not_running" ]]; then die $LINENO "The following services did not appear to start: $not_running" fi } function ensure_logs_exist { local logname="" local not_found="" for logname in $@; do local log=${SCREEN_LOGDIR}/screen-$logname.log if [[ ! -e $log ]]; then not_found+=" $log" fi done if [[ -n "$not_found" ]]; then die $LINENO "The following service logs were not found: $not_found" fi } # DIVIDER

The following variables are assumed to be defined by certain functions:



pull the mysql pass from the old config

register a database we should save

Upgrade a service listed in $UPGRADE_PROJECTS.

This function triggers the upgrade process for each project if it exists, otherwise it shows up a warning message about the lack of this file.

NOTE(maurosr): Ideally in a new upgrade test right after a release no new configuration is need, so we can go on without the from-<release> directory. This is also useful due to cross dependencie between d-g and grenade when enabling grenade to run an upgrade between a new pair of releases.

Registration interfaces for external plugins

use caller so that we know the file this function was called from, and we'll derive the location of the plugin directory from that.

If the unit is not found, so fallback to the ps approach

Functions to handle service checking


wait for services to stop, wait up to 10 seconds because sometimes services take a while to shutdown.

TODO(sdague): work around because worlddump is apparently misconfigured

Functions to handle service checking