Configuring the compute node

The Installation Guides provide instructions for installing multiple compute nodes. To make the compute nodes highly available, you must configure the environment to include multiple instances of the API and other services.

Configuring high availability for instances

As of September 2016, the OpenStack High Availability community is designing and developing an official and unified way to provide high availability for instances. We are developing automatic recovery from failures of hardware or hypervisor-related software on the compute node, or other failures that could prevent instances from functioning correctly, such as, issues with a cinder volume I/O path.

More details are available in the user story co-authored by OpenStack’s HA community and Product Working Group (PWG), where this feature is identified as missing functionality in OpenStack, which should be addressed with high priority.

Existing solutions

The architectural challenges of instance HA and several currently existing solutions were presented in a talk at the Austin summit, for which slides are also available.

The code for three of these solutions can be found online at the following links:

Current upstream work

Work is in progress on a unified approach, which combines the best aspects of existing upstream solutions. More details are available on the HA VMs user story wiki.

To get involved with this work, see the section on the HA community.