heat.common.environment_util module

heat.common.environment_util.get_param_merge_strategy(merge_strategies, param_key, available_strategies=None)[source]
heat.common.environment_util.merge_environments(environment_files, files, params, param_schemata)[source]

Merges environment files into the stack input parameters.

If a list of environment files have been specified, this call will pull the contents of each from the files dict, parse them as environments, and merge them into the stack input params. This behavior is the same as earlier versions of the Heat client that performed this params population client-side.

  • environment_files (list or None) – ordered names of the environment files found in the files dict

  • files (dict) – mapping of stack filenames to contents

  • params (dict) – parameters describing the stack

  • param_schemata (dict) – parameter schema dict

heat.common.environment_util.merge_list(old, new)[source]

merges lists and comma delimited lists.

heat.common.environment_util.merge_map(old, new, deep_merge=False)[source]

Merge nested dictionaries.

heat.common.environment_util.merge_parameters(old, new, param_schemata, strategies_in_file, available_strategies, env_file)[source]
heat.common.environment_util.parse_param(p_val, p_schema)[source]