heat.engine.check_resource module

exception heat.engine.check_resource.CancelOperation[source]

Bases: BaseException

Exception to cancel an in-progress operation on a resource.

This exception is raised when operations on a resource are cancelled.

class heat.engine.check_resource.CheckResource(engine_id, rpc_client, thread_group_mgr, msg_queue, input_data)[source]

Bases: object

check(cnxt, resource_id, current_traversal, resource_data, is_update, adopt_stack_data, rsrc, stack)[source]

Process a node in the dependency graph.

The node may be associated with either an update or a cleanup of its associated resource.

retrigger_check_resource(cnxt, resource_id, stack)[source]
heat.engine.check_resource.check_resource_cleanup(rsrc, template_id, engine_id, timeout, msg_queue)[source]

Delete the Resource if appropriate.

heat.engine.check_resource.check_resource_update(rsrc, template_id, requires, engine_id, stack, msg_queue)[source]

Create or update the Resource if appropriate.

heat.engine.check_resource.check_stack_complete(cnxt, stack, current_traversal, sender_id, deps, is_update)[source]

Mark the stack complete if the update is complete.

Complete is currently in the sense that all desired resources are in service, not that superfluous ones have been cleaned up.

heat.engine.check_resource.load_resource(cnxt, resource_id, resource_data, current_traversal, is_update)[source]
heat.engine.check_resource.propagate_check_resource(cnxt, rpc_client, next_res_id, current_traversal, predecessors, sender_key, sender_data, is_update, adopt_stack_data)[source]

Trigger processing of node if all of its dependencies are satisfied.