heat.rpc.worker_client module

Client side of the heat worker RPC API.

class heat.rpc.worker_client.WorkerClient[source]

Bases: object

Client side of the heat worker RPC API.

API version history:

1.0 - Initial version.
1.1 - Added check_resource.
1.2 - Add adopt data argument to check_resource.
1.3 - Added cancel_check_resource API.
1.4 - Add converge argument to check_resource
cancel_check_resource(ctxt, stack_id, engine_id)[source]

Send check-resource cancel message.

Sends a cancel message to given heat engine worker.

cast(ctxt, msg, version=None)[source]
check_resource(ctxt, resource_id, current_traversal, data, is_update, adopt_stack_data, converge=False)[source]
static make_msg(method, **kwargs)[source]